Supplied and Fitted puts each and every client first. Our honesty and reliability is evidenced in our service and accurate quoting as well as our proven track record. As well as small business clients we have a large number of satisfied homeowners taking advantage of our domestic management services, and retail clients too. Our wide range of services cover every aspect of property management and refurbishment so you only need to turn to one provider, rather than juggling with several companies, for all of your needs.

Additionally, we collaborate with the client throughout the building project, as we believe it is a “traditional” approach to refurbishment and maintenance services. In each instance, both Supplied and Fitted and the client communicate discussing costs and the major project issues at hand which, would include: the programming/functional needs of the project, the site conditions and concerns, the building systems and requirements for the project, the schedule and finally the project budget set out by the client.

Teamwork is required from all parties in the preparation of the project. Each party will provide a unique role and by this regard we aim to reveal to the client where the real value of the project lies, and the best way to deliver it. We involve our clients closely with the progress of the project thus establishing realistic expectations for them when on site.

The client is our main priority, most importantly as the funder of the project. Therefore, we assist their knowledge of the project on a day-to-day basis. By doing this the client has an involvement of how the design and material decisions are made and how this affects the long-term use of the project. Under these circumstances we are able to control the cost of the project without devaluing the client’s aspirations.

Each issue is carefully scrutinized on the best way to keep cost under control and the project on schedule. Not only does Supplied and Fitted liaise with each party member, we conduct our own research of the site. This is a strategy of pre-refurbishment which we implement, to develop further investigations into the scope of the project. In addition it allows us to eliminate any future discrepancies relating to the cost of the project when we start on site. As a result we “do it once” rather than continuously discover flaws in the project’s cost control. To conclude we regard the cost control of each project as an imperative part of our commitment to the client through planning, communication as well as monitoring the project from the first consultation to the last.